In 140 characters or less, describe what makes you unique


What makes me unique? What makes you unique? How do I tell you how unique I am in 140 CHARACTERS not words, characters.

Sort of funny how that works out because as they want a limited amount of characters… the word character is in the question.

140 characters is roughly 2 lines of text on 1 inch margins or in the present age, the character limit of a Twitter entry.

Can you describe what makes you unique in a Twitter entry? How long would that take you to write? Do you raise yourself up? Make a joke? Humble brag?  A generic response?

How do you fit all of who/what you are in 140 characters? 


Is 140 characters too much space? With how special we think we are…. I highly doubt that

I came across this situation when I was applying for an internship and this was the hardest question.
I just could not for the life of me answer the question. I stared at the question for about 3 days. I was done with everything else but just this question.

I sent the picture above as my answer.

I was really hoping that it would be appropriate and something different.  This was the risk I decided to take.
I realized that what makes me unique is my sense of humor, seems very general but it is what makes me… me.
Some things can keep me up at night laughing and some things keep me going on during the day.  Humor and comedy keep me going, it makes me happy, we all need to laugh right?

We can feel like we need to sad for the moment, to mourn, to feel, to experience some hurt but how long can we wallow in the moment.  I am not saying that we cannot feel, I am only imploring that we focus on the positive unique qualities that makes us unique.

I want to answer “In 140 characters or less, describe what makes you unique” easily and answer the question without stalling for three days.

I am unique, you are unique also
Now write how unique you are in 140 characters!
Hopefully it won’t take as long as it did for me.






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