Unanimous: Most Valuable Candidate

In sports, the Most Valuable Player (MVP) is an award that every player strives for. Steph Curry, of the Golden State Warriors, became the first unanimous MVP in NBA history by receiving 131 1st place votes out of 131. That is a lot of 1st place votes. That means 131 people all decided that one player was the most valuable player for their team and the league for the 2015-2016 regular season.  In basketball, we understand what makes a great and valuable player. We understand the impacts that one player can have on the game.

Now let’s talk about the MVP of politics: Oh right, there are none. (For obvious reasons)

The two presumptive nominees for the Presidency have the highest unfavorable ratings in history, and yet, they are the presumptive nominees. So while wildly unpopular, the people that like the nominees (which seems to not have participated in the unfavorable poll) are voting. Which makes sense because they actually care.

What annoys me about the younger Bernie supporters/voters is that they are backing Bernie as the political revolution (which is actually the same “revolution” that is skyrocketing Trump to the White House). I’m sorry to burst your bubble but you are NOT part of the political revolution if you do not know your local councilmember, assembly member, or congressman; the elected officials that actually make an immediate difference to your life.

Presidential candidates should not be the most valuable candidates. By the time their influence trickles down to us, it is only a mist. We have to vote locally, regionally and stately. Our council members, assembly member, and congressmen are the real MVPs.

So go vote. It makes a difference. Instead of relying and putting all your “hope” on one candidate every 4 years, rely on the candidates/elected officials that you can actually speak to.




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