Unanimous: The Election

America just showed us its colors… it’s not red, white and blue… it’s just white.

We are a divided country. The polls have shown us this. The pollsters were wrong, political analysis was wrong. The Democratic Party was wrong.

The Republicans now control the White House, the House and the Senate. This would not have been fathomable a week ago, but now it has become reality. Trump’s silent majority decided to let their voice be heard. They decided that they were done being labeled racists, bigots, “oppressed” for being white in a country that is becoming non-white. Sick of losing jobs to minorities, having communities be overrun by people not of their skin color, and paying for poor people through welfare.

It is never easy to lose the position of power. It is never a smooth transition from the oppressor to the oppressed. As I was watching the electoral college votes go to Trump, I was distraught of the idea that all that minorities have worked for were being undone. Progress was being halted and the wheels were turning the other way.

Trump tapped into the fear of the other and we are the other. Fear grows and encompasses every part of a person. The silent majority feared the outspoken minority and guess what, they won. The fact that the majority can be silent and still inflict change goes to show the power of the vote and the history of this country.

The only silver lining from this election is now there is a motivation. Half of the country voted for fear. Voted for halting progress. Voted for keeping, in Trump’s words, the African Americans to live in hell in the inner-city because that is where all blacks reside. Voted for ban on muslims, voted for walls, and voted for making America great again.

Who are we making great for again?

The Asian vote needs to be a force to be reckoned. Right now,  we’re just bystanders. We are just ornaments hanging on the walls of a house built by black slaves supported and still standing solely by fear of the outside. We can not be an ornament for America, a cultural and ethnic exoticism that shows the model minority is successful but only where White America wants us to be successful.

After yesterday, motivation is what we have now. Our vote has to matter. We have to matter. We must matter. The acceleration of this country can not held by idle hands. We can not stand still. We must move and we must do better.




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